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Known as the king of red wine grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon enjoys the same regal status in California as does in its native home in Bordeaux.

The most widely planted red wine grape in California, Cabernet Sauvignon commands the highest price per ton and is the dominant grape found in some of California’s most prestigious brands.

Some of the most expensive wines in the United States are made from this noble grape. Cult wines like Screaming Eagle and Harlan Estate sell for thousands per bottle.

Cabernet Sauvignon is dry and full-bodied, and is prized for its long aging potential. It’s also known for displaying characteristic green flavors like bell pepper, eucalyptus and mint. Cabernet grown in California tends to be more fruit-forward and more mellow, with rich dark fruit notes of blueberry and blackberry as well as earth, dust, mocha and cedar.

The moderate to high tannin levels and concentrated flavors in Californian Cab make it a sensational food wine. It’s superb with porterhouse steak, braised pork belly, hearty lamb stews, portobello mushrooms and grilled burgers.

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